In Dragon Quest Heroes II, you must lead a band of powerful heroes in a quest to defeat evil and save the war-torn world. After a thousand years of peace, the Seven Realms has suddenly collapsed into conflict as if guided by a mysterious and malicious force. It is a hack and slack game with action RPG elements. You and 3 other players can band together in cooperative multiplayer to conquer swarms of enemies and defeat challenging boss monsters. There is also a cast of many playable characters each with unique moves and abilities – including a host of familiar faces from the Dragon Quest series and four brand new heroes that must team up to defeat an unknown threat looming over the Seven Realms.
Along with a standard edition, there is also a special edition called ‘Explorer’s Edition’.
The day one “Explorer’s Edition” is available to pre-order now on the Square Enix store and the PS Store.
It features 15 exclusive DLC items as well as a reversible cover artwork depicting the in-game Adventure Log. The DLC includes weapons designed from the enemies in the game, including the Slime Knight’s Shield, Great Sabreclaws, Golem Gauntlets and more.

The full list of DLC items is given below –

Archdemon Arcs
Gem Slime Sword
Golem Gauntlets
Goodybag Abacus
Great Sabreclaws
Imp’s Fork
Night Club
Plat o’ One Tails
Royal Flush
Slime Knight’s Shield
Slime Stack Stick

Release Date – 25th April (PC)

28th April (PlayStation 4)


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