One of the most anticipated games this year, Nier: Automata has been developed by an all-star team consisting of producer Yosuke Saito (DRAGON QUEST X / NIER), director YOKO TARO (Drakengard / NIER), character designer Akihiko Yoshida from CyDesignation, Inc. (FINAL FANTASY XIV / BRAVELY DEFAULT), game designer Takahisa Taura from PlatinumGames Inc. (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance), and composer Keiichi Okabe from MONACA, Inc. (TEKKEN / Drakengard 3 / NIER). A star studded team, isn’t it?

Though the black box is gorgeous, the standout item in this edition is a highly detailed figurine of YoRHa 2B, the protagonist. YoRHa 2B is one of the three playable characters in the game. It is an all-purpose battle android. The 64-page hardback art book is quite stunning too and so is the steel book case designed by Akihiko Yoshida, who is well known for his work on Final Fantasy series. His work has been praised by top outlets like Kotaku and IGN. Soundtracks from Nier and Nier: Automata composed by the brilliant, Keiichi Okabe, is part of the Black Box Edition. The original soundtrack from Nier was highly praised; reviewers noted it as one of the best video game soundtracks of the year, praising the originality of the compositions and the beauty of Emi Evans’ vocal work.

Lastly, you will also get a copy of the game with all Day One Edition content.

Nier: Automata Black Box Edition contains –

●      A sleek black Collector’s Edition box housing the below exclusive contents

●      The NieR: Automata game

●      Exquisitely crafted YoRHa “2B” Figurine

●      Hardback 64-page artbook detailing the stunning artwork and illustrations from the game

●      Exclusive steelbook case featuring artwork from renowned Akihiko Yoshida (FINAL FANTASY® XIV / BRAVELY DEFAULT®)

●      Hauntingly Beautiful Soundtrack containing 13 live recorded songs from NIER® and NieR: Automata, composed by veteran Keiichi Okabe from MONACA, Inc. (TEKKEN / Drakengard / NIER)

  •     All Day One Edition digital content, including: Machine Mask Accessory, Grimoire Weiss Pod, Play System Pod Skin, Retro Grey Pod Skin, Retro Red Pod Skin, and Cardboard Pod Skin

Platforms: PlayStation 4

Release date: 7 March 2017


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