The last game in this highly acclaimed series, Dark Souls III has truly defined its genre. The makers From Software have mentioned that this is the last game in the Dark Souls’ series. If that is true, then the Prestige Edition is a fitting tribute to the last game. The Prestige Edition is a real treasure for all Souls’ fans. The Lord Of Cinder is big, very big. But hey, we are not complaining. Lord Of Cinder is powerful and this big figurine is a fitting portrayal. The figurine is gorgeous and will certainly light up your Souls’ collection. The Collector’s Box is wonderfully designed. The Metal Case is dark, dark enough to fit in well along with other CE contents.


Dark Souls III Prestige Edition includes:

  •        40 cm Lord Of Cinder Figurine
  •        Collector’s Box
  •        Metal Case
  •        3 × Iron-on patches
  •        Cloth game map
  •        Soundtrack
  •        Dark Souls III Software
  •        A4 Hardcover art book

Platforms – PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
Release Date – March 24, 2016


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